Is FatCow a Scam?

FatCow is a web hosting company that has been providing reliable hosting services for individuals and businesses since 1998.

I’ve seen a lot of people call FatCow a scam in the past few months, and I’m going to explain why they did.

Is FatCow a Scam?

FatCow is not a scam, the bottom line is that all web hosts, no matter how great, are going to have problems. Some problems are going to be fixed right away, and some problems are going to take longer.  It’s how a host deals with the problems that tells whether they are good or not.

I guarantee you that almost every web hosts has negative reviews. Why? Because people who are unsatisfied feel the need to show their anger. FatCow does have the occasional negative review, but most of their reviews, whether good or bad, state that customer service or tech guys at FatCow tried their best to solve the problem at hand.

What’s the Catch?

Although FatCow is a great host, you do have to watch out for the following catches:

In the end, we recommend FatCow, and are pleased to say that they are not a scam, but do have some catches that you have to watch out for.