FatCow Web Hosting

If you plan to start a website and you are looking for knowledgeable web hosting company to host your website with, you can go with FatCow Hosting, which is a hosting company operating in the industry since 1998. We are talking about one of the first hosting providers on the market which is still in business. Thus, you can certainly rely on them to host your website as they have enough experience to effectively manage all technical problems that might occur. If you are looking for a reliable web hosting, FatCow is a company you can always count on.

Numerous webmasters out there are searching for affordable web hosting. At FatCow this is within reach as they provide affordable hosting packages. The MiniMoo hosting plan costs only the ridiculous amount of $5 per year and includes a domain and one email address. Plus, users of this plan can build their website with the use of SiteDelux website builder offered by the web hosting company. This is extremely helpful especially for a newbie with very limited knowledge on web designs. Thus, anyone can start their journey in the world of web-based business, with the assistance of FatCow hosting company, as they provide excellent tools, allowing anyone to create their site from scratch. Additionally, users are also offered several great features including spam filtering service for their email account, placeholder page, one-click script installation, auto responder, fully customizable control panel and also various webmaster tools for site promotion.

Users can also use various open-source scripts such as Joomla and WordPress for their accounts. FatCow is still ahead of its competitors, as their users have access to highly developed web hosting features fully comparable to what the main hosting companies are offering.

But how is the FatCow support? With a quick search on the internet, you can easily find numerous reviews regarding FatCow’s customer support. The support staff at FatCow is rigorously trained ensuring they can adequately respond to their customer’s enquiries within two minutes. They offer 24/7 support, which is excellent because the current industry standard is to offer a 24/7 support. Thus, FatCow users can get in touch with the support staff whenever they want. As your website might experience some problem anytime, it is ensuring to know that help is always available, regardless when a problem might occur.

Further on, backups to the servers are performed on a daily basis, ensuring that there will be no loss to your data. This is really ensuring and users can rest assured that their data is safe even in the case of some incident. Backup generators for servers are also in place, in case of emergencies. In case of some power outage, the generators will provide power until the main power is fully restored.

FatCow is taking an active part in the fight against global warning by offering green web hosting. Their machines use renewable energy and thus they do not pollute the environment. Along with the growth of the internet, an increasing number of data centers appear, consuming more energy and consequently causing more damage to the environment. As FatCow provides green hosting, they run their business in an environment-friendly way and still offering exceptional web hosting services to all their customers.