FatCow Coupon Code

To use this FatCow coupon for the month of February, 2010, just click the link below, and it will take 50% off your new order when you sign up! The original price, without the coupon, comes out to $7.33/month, and after the coupon, with 50% off, you only pay $3.67/month. Did I mention that a free domain is included!?

Please note that with this coupon, you must pay for 3 years ($44 per year) in order to get the 50% off, otherwise, if you choose the two year plan, the price is $55/year or 38% off, and if you choose the 1 year plan, it comes out to $66 for that year or %25 off.

Obviously the 3 year plan is the best deal, but I recommend choosing the 1 year plan, because what happens if you need to upgrade to a dedicated server

Just thought I’d let you guys know.

Click here to take 50% off your new order at FatCow!